Some decks not appering when creating Optional Tag


I am trying to create an optional tag group for a deck “OMM” by antibrotease.

However, every time I get to the screen to create an optional tag, and it asked me to select the main deck, the original deck does not show up. I have even tried going to the page for the OMM deck, and selecting optional tags from there. However, whenever I type the name in when I select the main deck, it still does not populate or show me the correct deck. I am subscribed to the deck and have downloaded it, and have even successfully created an optional tag group already under AnKing Overhaul.

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Hi @sandhua3! Thanks for reporting that.

We will look into this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I can help you create the optional tag group :slight_smile:

Just reply with the tag group name that you want, the original deck (antibrotese/OMM, I believe?) and the text that you want for the description, if any.

I’ll also let you know here in this post when we release a permanent fix for this issue :+1:

Having the same issue here

It appears there is a bug we need to fix here that results in only 5 results being displayed, without the ability to scroll.

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Can you create one for the OMM (antibrotease) deck for me. I want the tag to be KYCOM-OMM .

Text can be “Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine OMM”
Thank you!

Created! Please check it out and let me know if everything is ok :slight_smile:


Can’t select ORIGINAL AnKing Overhaul deck when creating new tag group (see image). There doesn’t seem to be a way to scroll through results or search by author. I have also tried searching by deck ID and URL. How can I select the original AnKing deck from AnKingMed?

Sorry I missed this thread. @covinhas can you please create a tag group named “Geisel” for AnKingMed/AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2? Thank you so much.

This should be fixed now, @nashallanrahill, @sandhua3 .

@augusto.diebold , thanks for fixing this! Another nice to have would be to sort these decks by the number of subscribers. Right now, the official AnKing Overhaul deck appears last on this list when it should really be first.


Hey @andrew

The “order by subscribers” feature will be implemented by this PR