Why can't we tag notes with the top-level optional tag?


When I add the tag AnkiHub_Optional::KYCOM to a card, the no optional tags prompt will appear.
If I change the tag to AnkiHub_Optional::KYCOM::text then I can submit the changes.

Why does the first tag not work, but the second does?

Why would you want to add an AnkiHub_Optional::KYCOM tag to a note? When we added the optional tags feature we didn’t think that people might want to do that.

Well for use as a quick tagging action. If I am going through cards, I can maybe keybind a key to tag AnkiHub_Optional::KYCOM and then later tag them appropriately. I could also have a group of students tag them appropriately later on. I guess overall it’s nice to have a feature of quick tagging.

Additionally, you can filter out which cards have been selected for your school when looking in the AnKing deck. I know this is kind of a dumb use case but let’s say I am in the browse section of BnB. I then can add a filter for the cards tagged with AnkiHub_Optional::KYCOM to see which cards either my peers or I have tagged. Then from there I could appropriately tag it with AnkiHub_Optional::KYCOM::BnB::so on so on…

It’s kind of a way for maintainers to fix or delegate tags to the right location with colleagues who do not know how to properly tag.

I guess a workaround for my use case is to use something like AnkiHub_Optional::KYCOM::Untagged and then I can fix it after.