🏷️ Optional Tag Groups

Optional Tags

The video below explains how to use optional tags.

What are Optional Tags?

An optional tag is a tag structure separate from the tags native to a deck. For example, you can create an optional tag group for your school and use that tag to tag cards in the AnKing deck. Then, people can subscribe to that optional tag group and receive the tags you created. This can be used to tag for lecture slides etc.

Subscribing to an Optional Tag

To subscribe to an optional tag group.

  1. Find the deck you would like to subscribe to an optional tag group for
  2. In the top right, find the 3 dots
  3. Click on “Manage Optional Tags”

  1. Find the optional tag you would like to subscribe to and check the box

  1. Click save
  2. Go to AnkiHub and click sync

Where can I find my Optional Tags?

To find an optional tag once you have subscribed and synced.

  1. Go to Browse in Anki
  2. On the left hand side where you will see “AnkiHub_Optional”

Suggesting an Optional Tag

To suggest a tag for an optional tag group

  1. Go the card you want to suggest a tag for
  2. Add a tag that follows this structure "AnkiHub_Optional::OptionalTagGroupName::NameOfTag



  1. Right click on the card and click on AnkiHub: Suggest Optional Tags

  1. Click on the deck you want to suggest the optional tag to
  2. Click submit suggestions

CleanShot 2024-01-30 at 09.42.27

A optional tag maintainer will now see your suggestion and can accept it. Alternatively, if you are a optional tag creator/maintainer, you can go to AnkiHub and accept it or suggest the optional tags without review

Creating an Optional Tag

To create an optional tag group

  1. Go to AnkiHub and click on my decks

  1. Click on Optional Tags

  1. Click on New Tag Group

  1. Fill out the relevant sections

Maintaining an Optional Tag

Once you have created an optional tag group. You can add maintainers to it by clicking on the optional tag group you created in my decks. Then click on the top right → manage maintainers

Resetting an Optional Tag Group

There is an action for resetting local changes to an Optional Tag Group (Anki Browser → AnkiHub → Reset Optional Tag Group). This is useful if e.g. you edited some optional tags and want to undo the changes or lost some updates by doing a full sync from AnkiWeb.