Exploring AnkiHub Sidebar Ideas

Oopsies! This was meant to be shared privately with the AnkiHub team

Oh well… Here’s a behind the scenes look at what we might be working on soon!Hey everyone! In this video, I share an overview of an AnkiHub sidebar implementation in Anki Desktop. The sidebar allows us to splice a webview into Anki Desktop that feels as if it’s built into Anki. This opens up possibilities for having our resources, such as onboarding, tutorials, AI customer support chat, all of the community Discourse functionality, etc., more easily available directly from Anki.



I really like this idea!

Another benefit that this can help with is the confusion between the different Anki websites and AnkiHub websites

There’s community.ankihub.net, app.ankihub.net, ankiweb.net etc…

If Ankihub didn’t require users to go to any websites and that everything was accessible through Anki itself it might help with some of that confusion (because AnkiHub isn’t a “website” anymore it’s just an add-on)


I really like this! Also having users be able to access anything AnkiHub related inside Anki actually makes the word “AnkiHub” make even more sense.

Eventually users shouldn’t have to always use a browser to go check ankihub related things. Notifications (whether a suggestion got accepted or rejected), monthly email updates, and customer support being a click away is the way forward imo


This would be great! As far as sidebar implementation, I know that the AMBOSS sidebar has issues with certain key presses affecting both the content on the sidebar and any card you may have open in review (e.g., searching a term and the card advancing erroneously at the same time the search is submitted with the “enter” key). Figured I’d mention that as perhaps a preemptive bug warning!

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That’s a great tip. Thanks!

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