AnKing / Ankihub Discord Channel?

I feel like most GitHub communities have a discord channel as well. Seems like it would be useful?

I thought about it for a while but it’s just too much to maintain at this point.

@spartandrew18 , this community uses Discourse which has real-time chat in addition to topics like the on you created. You can see on the bottom of the sidebar on the left (under categories and messages) are channels and "personal chat. Feel free to use it! Between the real-time chat and Discourse topics, we hope this will provide a far more organized and enjoyable experience than Discord.

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@andrew Were the channels removed? I don’t have that option in my sidebar.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention! It turns out that we only have private chat channels at the moment. On Discourse, a chat channel needs to be connected to a category. I’m not sure we want to create any chat channels for the existing categories, except for maybe :open_book: AnkiHub Decks. I don’t think we want to create one for :person_raising_hand: Support since I think it’s much preferable that users create proper topics on Discourse as that provides a far superior user support workflow for everyone involved (until we implement our GPT-powered user support chat bot). That said, I am now considering creating a new “General,” category for discussion. Any thoughts?

There’s a lot of categories already… maybe just make a #general channel under :open_book: AnkiHub Decks ?

That sounds fine imo.

A couple thoughts. You’ll probably still get support questions wandering into that channel. Maybe a rules disclaimer to limit that? Also, activity on the channel might be limited for having to use a web interface instead of a dedicated client (Discord/Slack/etc., which can autoload on startup). This becomes relevant because if the channel’s going to have any life, it’ll need some of y’all (maintainers, paid staff, etc.) to have the habit of having Discourse loaded and monitored adequately to give a channel any life.