[Suggestion] Some suggestions

1- Adding a button linked to community.ankihub.net (because whenever I wanted to get to this site, I need to go to ankihub documentation, then search for feedback then get the link too much steps << I submitted this before but was poorly explained by me, so I added a picture this time

2- Adding notification system is really a needed feature, I don’t know what got rejected or accepted or commented on, resulting in too many suggestion that get ghosted by me

3- While doing a real-time review of cards, it would be super helpful to know if there’s a suggestion related to this card

4- Adding dark mode support to app.ankihub.net


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These are all fantastic suggestions! Definitely going to add these to our list.

Thanks for the suggestions, @AbdelrahmanMahmoud ! These are all planned. In the meantime, note the link to this forum on the bottom left of AnkiHub.

AnkiHub now has links to the docs and forum, front and center!


amazing !!! perfect!! thank you so much