A few feature requests for suggesting edits

This deck and community have been instrumental to my medical education and I am trying to give a little back by suggesting edits and improving cards when possible. I have a few requests to make this a bit easier.

  1. If a suggestion is rejected, it would be great if there was a button that would allow us to edit the previous suggestion and resubmit. That or an appeal button. For rejected submissions that just require additional sources or different formatting, it is a pain in the butt to redo everything in a brand-new suggestion.

  2. Is there a way we can have a profile page of sorts where all of our decks and submitted suggestions are in one place? I currently have to search for “author:aaron” to track my suggestions and make any required edits. It would also be nice if there was some sort of notification system for comments and final decisions on your edits. You could also theoretically track users’ stats on how much they are contributing and their acceptance rate. This would help you pull more admins in to handle the volume of suggestions.

  3. A page on ankihub where more substantial or controversial edit suggestions can be found for discussion and community feedback. There are some edit suggestions that the admins comment on asking for community feedback but these edit suggestions get lost in the sheer volume of suggestions and then fall into obscurity.

Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


@andrew can we add all these to our list? I think they’re all great ideas. I believe #3 is already on the list

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@AnKingMed 2 more for you haha.

  1. An “add similar note” button of sorts. Would like to be able to add a new note off a similar note that automatically duplicates all the fields and tags from the previous note except “text” and “extra”.

  2. Some optional mode where, after answering a card, there is an indicator for any pending suggested edits. Preferably with the ability to choose what type of note suggestions you want to be notified about. Then a quick and easy way to vote/comment on that change. I assume it would probably be a link to the ankihub website at first, but the ability to do that in app would be ideal. I think this would significantly increase the involvement of the community. Theoretically, by setting certain up/down vote criteria, changes could be auto accepted/rejected. With the right system and safeguards, the system itself could take a large amount of the burden off the mods.