Automatic protection of a field for which AnkiHub suggestion is rejected


It would be great if there could be an option to automatically protect fields for which one suggests an edit and the edit is rejected by deck maintainers. I sometimes refrain from submitting changes as they usually get rejected but with that, I simply wouldn’t mind submitting any edit since if it gets rejected, I won’t lose it as the automatic field protection would kick in.

Another related question, is there a way to keep track of edits made for cards from Anki itself ie imagine I submitted a change for a card and want to know if it got rejected or accepted, currently what I do is that I flag it to keep track of the card and then check its status the next day on AnkiHub. Is there a better way to do so? If not, can AnkiHub team develop a more friendly approach to that issue?

Thank you in advance for the feedback…

There isn’t a better way at the moment.

Our next big feature is going to be a notification system where you’ll get notified when things are approved or rejected and if anyone interacts with them, etc

Thanks for the reply! Good luck with that… I hope you can factor in those suggestions :slight_smile: