I lost my changes in the front field of anking card!

Regarding anking deck in ankihub, I lost my changes in the front fields of anking cards when I did ankihub sync!

I have made many changes in the front field some of which got rejected. I read somewhere previously that our changes in the front fields remain even if they are rejected and will not be lost but that was not the case

Of course, I can not protect the front fields because I also need to be updated.

They remain until there is an update to that note. Was there an update to that note?

What do you mean by an update to the note?

If you mean new contents then no

Any updates to the note. New tags, changes to a note. Anything that triggers an update to that note

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If you have specific notes in mind you can check AnkiHub past suggestions to see if changes have been pushed to those notes around the time you noticed your fields revert.

If you want to guarantee that your changes will be permanent I encourage you to use the lecture notes and missed questions field, and protect those within AnkiHub as they don’t get updated.

Got it. No they are not updated.

The thing is many cards are built in a way that I do not like. Like unnecessary clozes or sometimes I need to add hints. I do suggest my changes and they do not get often get accepted but it is fine at least I want my changes to be there for me

In that case your other option is to protect the text fields of cards that you change by using the ankihub protect tags

can I protect front field of selected cards individually because I want to keep up updated with the the other notes if you get me. If this feature is not available I suggest it to be developed

Yeah you can. Right click on a note and then do the AnkiHub: protect option. The documentation has a video linked here

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Thank you. What about the subtags that I suggest in case they get rejected! can I protect them?

You can add unique non-deck-related tags to your protected data section > protected tags.

For what you are trying to do with the subtags, please don’t submit any changes to the first aid tags. We have specific teams and a structured way of going through these types of changes, and no active teams for first aid, so I will be rejecting these submissions.

okay, sure! thank you

I apologize, but I had already submitted some subtags for First Aid before reading your post about not submitting changes to those tags. I understand that there are specific teams and a structured process for handling such changes, and I will be more mindful of this in the future. I appreciate your guidance and will take it into consideration going forward.