Question re: fields & sync changes

I upgraded from Anki v11 to AnkiHub yesterday after backing up my prior deck and protecting the recommended fields. I tried to read the AnkiHub Documentation and other questions in the community but I still have some questions.

  1. When a card is synced and the field isn’t protected, will any changes I make now (post-upgrade) change with each sync? In specific, I want to know if I don’t protect the “extra” field (so that appropriate changes may still update), will any notes I have in that field be deleted on future sync? Or is it more that it will add (as opposed to overwrite/delete) info that isn’t identical to the subscribed deck?

  2. If so - is there a way to protect the personal notes I add to the “extra” field while still getting updates that are made? I know this sounds logistically murky so maybe not. In that instance, should I instead move any personal notes to something protected like “lecture notes”?

  3. If not - what’s the best way to enter my own notes and ensure they’re protected - just the lecture notes? I like being able to see my personal notes first but if that’s not possible, I want to make sure I know that now so I don’t lose my own updates.

Thank you!

  1. If you do not protect a field, then add information, then everytime you sync it will overwrite it. So yes it will delete whatever you have written, you have to protect it in order to avoid getting it overwritten after every sync

  2. Yes, we recommend you move anything you want to write personally into the lecture notes field and make sure it is protected. We will never add to the lecture notes field so you can use it for yourself as much as you want

  3. For now lecture notes, maybe in the future we can work something out where people can have the updated extra notes as well as their “own notes” without having it interfere with syncing and getting it overwritten.