How to add personal notes to the Anking cards without disturbing AnkiHub sync

I just purchased a lifetime membership to AnkiHub. So far, I have really enjoyed my studying experience. Can you please inform me how I can add my own personal notes to the Anking cards? The problem is that I want to have the cards precisely how Anking has them, but I want to have a clear separation for my notes so the AnkiHub sync is not disturbed

I have already uploaded the media to Anking and been reviewing for the past couple days.

Thank you so much for using AnkiHub, we are glad you like it.

If you would like to have your own notes, then you have to protect a certain field. Unfortunately, you cannot protect the text field since then you will not receive new changes. What you can do however is protect the lecture notes field, and any changes you make in there will never be removed or changed since we do not allow changes to that field in the first place.

That way you can make all the changes there, you can even choose to protect the BNB, pathoma sections and add to those anything you like.

Thank you for the response. How should I go about protecting these particular fields? Or can I simply type into the Lecture Notes field?

If you dont wish to suggest any changes to ankihub, then you can just write directly into the lecture notes. If however in the future you would like to suggest a change, you will need to protect your lecture notes field. You can do this by going to the AnkiHub website, clicking on AnKing overhaul (one with 12,000 subscribers), then top right press manage protected data, then make sure lecture notes has a check beside it, I’ve attached a example

I greatly appreciate this help. One last question: does this mean that everything in the Text, Extra, First Aid, Sketchy, etc sections will be completely in sync with what Anking has? In other words, if I try to add something in the “extra” tab, then sync with Ankihub, then it will just delete what I just wrote?

yes, if you do not have it protected, then if you sync with ankihub,it will remove it.

If you protect a field, whatever you add into it will never be removed but you will not get updated changes with ankihub in that specific section.

Anything you do not protect, will always be overwritten and changed by whatever is the latest available information on ankihub

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