How to keep local changes when syncing with AnkiHub?

Hello all,

I will occasionally get a message when syncing with AnkiHub that states “AnkiHub needs to reset local changes.” I frequently add extra images and screenshots of lectures to my own cards for added context and am curious if it’s possible to preserve these local changes while AnkiHub updates the cards that I have not edited.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello, I believe reading this thread would help you in this:

Also, in which field on the card are you adding your edits?

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If you want to protect a field for every card.

Go to the ankihub website → go to anking overhaul → on the top right click on the 3 dots → manage protected data → tick the boxes you want protected

We recommend you add your extra information in lecture notes, missed questions, boards and beyond, or pathoma as these fields are protected by default

If you added them there, they will be protected regardless if you reset local changes so you will not lose them

If you want to protect specific cards. Right click on the card and click the option below


Thank you!

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