Just joined ankihub and am worried when I download the add on it will get rid of all my previous anking V11 cards that I have been working on for the past 8 weeks as an M1

I just paid for the lifetime membership of AnkiHub after 8 weeks of med school. I have been using Anking V11 this entire time. Does anyone know how I can protect my previous progress/cards and not lose any changes I have made to cards or any new cards I have added myself? Please forgive me since I am not very knowledgeable on anki when it comes to downloads and updates. I have tried to look this up but I can’t find anything because I believe it is assumed that people download the updated ankihub deck fresh with no previous cards done. Please correct me if I am wrong on this. Anyways, I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone has to offer.


You can protect your changes by going to AnkiHub → manage protected data → select the fields you want to protect.

Note if you protect your extra or text fields, you won’t receive any new changes. Alternatively, you can choose to protect a few cards’ text/extra etc. fields by right clicking on the card → click on AnkiHub_Protect → select the field you want to protect

Let us know if this answers your question

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Is there a way where I can select every single card I have done (unsuspended) to protect the information I added while also allowing for the updates of Ankihub to be made? Because what I am afraid of is that I’ll lost my progress on cards I have done and if I protect them, then a lot of cards won’t be updated. Is there a video that explains this whole process because what exactly will happen to my V11 anking cards after I get the ankihub addon? That is what I really am confused about. I don’t see the point in protecting a card by adding information that will help me personally and then not allowing the updates from the community membership I paid. I don’t mean this in any negative way, but is there a way where I can add personal changes to cards and still get updates? Thank you again for your help!!

Also, could you link me to a video that helps with getting started with ankihub?

Hey there!
The 4 fields, namely lecture notes, missed questions, pathoma, and boards and beyond will never be updated, you can always add you own info to them and protect the fields on ankihub.

Regarding the cards you have already done, their time intervals and ease factor etc will remain same, however the data you might have added to text and extra field will get replaced.

However there is a way to specifically protect these cards:

basically you will have to tag all these unsuspended cards with a tag like “protectedv11”, once that is done, you will have to go to ankihub and in manage protected content, find the protected tags section and add this “protectedv11” tag there.

Once you do this, these tagged cards will specifically not be updated while other cards will get updates as usual.

Unfortunately we do not have a detailed video for it yet but you can have a look at our detailed notion documentation here.

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I cannot thank you enough for your help! Will this add on make any changes to cards that are not related to anking? Thank you for the help in advance!

Yes, you can add tags in mass, just go to browser > select the cards > right click > add tag.

AnKihub will not affect any card that is not connected to it, that is, anything you haven’t gotten from AnkiHub will remain untouched.

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Thank you! I am confused wether or not I can make my own personal changes to ankihub cards without having the changed undone or affecting others. Will a change I make change everyone else’s card using the ankihub deck?
I found this tag, AnkiHub_Protect::All. I read that if I make personal changes to an ankihub card, that it will not affect the cards of others and it will not undo the changes to my own cards. (Reddit - Dive into anything)

If you use that tag, you will not be able to receive any updates to that card. This is an alternative the actual method to protect cards you want, (thank you @Ahmed7)

No, the change you make will not affect any AnkiHub member, if you want to suggest a change, you can do so from the browser > edit field > “suggest a change”.

We recommend you to use these 4 fields for adding any new content you want, if you want to edit the text or extra field, you’ll have to protect that card’s both fields (using right click > AnkiHub_protect field)

Ahhh, I see. This really clears things up. I added all of my protected tags thanks to your help! I am now ready to sync my changes but I have gotten this message and I am now afraid to do anything with anki, lol. Can you explain to me what I should do? Will downloading these decks get rid of the cards that I put the protected tags in?

As a general rule,

Before anything, always create a backup (usually anki does that on its own)

That said, you can go ahead and install the deck.

Okay, I created a backup and will do the download. :slight_smile:

Great! Welcome to the community!

Thank you very much for the welcome and most of all for your HELP! :smiley:

Quick question, this popped up

and this

What do you recommend I do just so I don’t lose my personal cards?

Go ahead and click yes, you will not lose your personal cards.

Ok, thank you. Hopefully this will be my last question and thank you again for being so responsive and helpful. I have the regular V11 anking deck and now the new one shown here.

Those 254 new cards, I will suspend them later, but I was wondering can I combine these two decks into one without causing an issue? Because I have this heatmap for the “AnKing” deck but no heatmap for the “anKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2” deck. Can I combine them so I can keep my heatmap progress below?

Yes you can combine them without having any issues, AnkiHub deals with notes direct using the NIDs, thus these cards can go into any deck and still be a part of AnkiHub.

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Awesome! Thank you for all your help once again. Everything is all set and ready to rock and roll :sunglasses:

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I have another question, lets say I want to create a copy of a card already made. Will this copy I created be affected by updates created by AnkiHub or will I have to add a protection tag to it? If I need to add a protection tag, will I do the same thing you mentioned to me previously? Do I just go to manage protect data and add a tag called “mytag?” Then will this protect everything I made for the copy of that card?

As long as the copied card has a different NID than the one that’s syncing with AnkiHub, it will not be affecting.
Personally I’d not recommend doing it, it sometimes confuses the Anki database.

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