Issue with accepting old edits

Idk if you are aware. Today, I noticed a previously approved card edit was undone by the the acceptance of an older edit that did not include this change. (Note 1579658911817). Apparently accepting old edits overwrites any changes approved after the old edit was submitted.

Not sure exactly what the best solution might be. Idk if there is a way to flag edits that might overwrite a more recently accepted change.

Working backwards and accepting or rejecting the oldest suggestions first might minimize the issue going forward for now. Obviously being careful not to overwrite other changes when accepting some of the older suggestions.

That or rejecting all open old previously submitted suggestions prior to accepting a new change.

Worried this issue might be undoing some card edits in a way that is hard to track.

Yes thank you for posting this, I have accepted your change. There should be a warning perhaps that states that accepting this change will overwrite a newer change, and it should prompt the maintainer to check and see what will get overwritten

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Thanks. I know it is probably a rare occurrence.