Maximum data size sync error

I have recently subscribed to AnkiHub, and selected multiple decks to sync. But, Anki shows an error telling me that I have reached the maximum data size to sync, and have to reduce it to sync.

I have been using Anki for many years, for language learning, medicine and many other topics. Didn’t know there was a maximum data limit.

Your collection file is too large to send to AnkiWeb. You can reduce its size by removing any unwanted decks (optionally exporting them first), and then using Check Database to shrink the file size down. (⁨475492352 > 314572800⁩)

Unfortunately that is a AnkiWeb limitation, you can try the aforementioned above and export a few. Unless you need all of them, there’s not much we can do for this unfortunately.

You can try posting on the official anki forum for this if you would like.

More info: Are there limits on file sizes on AnkiWeb? - Frequently Asked Questions

I suggest moving decks you don’t currently need to a separate profile.

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