MEDIA ISSUE Sketchy Medical for Step 1 & 2 - Pepper Style

Hello it seems as though there is an issue with the media link for this deck. I have tried to download it and load it into the deck several times, and it is not possible to select it when uploading “local files” to ankihub media. Several others have reported this same issue. Is there a work-around?

Is it zipped? It might need to be unzipped

Also, I’ve moved this to the decks category as this is not something we can officially support since it is someone else’s deck. Ultimately it’s up to them to manage the deck and media and I have no way of adjusting that sorry!

No, that is not the issue. Many people have had the same issue. The listed link is broken/does not work.

I’m sorry about that. Unfortunately it’s up to that deck creator to fix it. We don’t have any control over it