[01.30.2023] Content error, Sketchy Medical for Step 1 & 2 - Pepper Style/TheMasterMind48, ID 218643

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I have updated the link now you can download it !
Have Fun !

hello, when opening the google drive media file on my mac it says no application is able to open this file. Therefore, I can download it but it does not allow me to open it or copy it to the ankihub add-on. Any other way that I could get this media file? I would really love to use this deck; I downloaded Unzip One app and was able to access the file! Thought I would share for anyone else that runs into this same issue. Thanks!

Hello! there is an error in the media link and I am unable to upload it to Anki. I have tried using the unzip one app like Keg02 suggested, but it says the link is damaged.

Hey! The media link is damaged

I get the same problem, can download and get a rar file which is not able to open or sync with MacBook…

Is anyone working on media link because it seems to be broken

I am having the same issue with the media link. Please fix!

Any updates at all on the status of the media link?

same issue with the media link for me.

same issue, bummer

Hey. Brace yourself, lame question. I am studying for Step 2. Do I have to study Anking Overhaul decks and Sketchy pepper decks separately? I love Sketchy, but are they incorporated into the Anking Overhaul decks or do I have to do both decks separately? TYSM

I was able to get the media files by copying the MEGA url link and pasting it under the “import media” option from your AnkiHub menu within the Anki desktop app.

also, I suggest exporting all your profile decks before attempting this in case it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Where did you get the MEGA url link?

Would you be able to send me the .zip or the file? Encountering the same .rar issue