Mental math dynamic cards

Hi there. Subbed a few days ago to supplement my MCAT studying and i’m loving the anking mcat deck.

One thing i’m really having a hard time with my particular mcat prep is estimations and mental math. I have adhd and slow processing (officially diagnosed) and in lieu of accommodations from the aamc (since they are hard and expensive to obtain), i wanted to grind out mental math like as if I was back in school.

All of that is to say that while there are a few of those cards in the anking mcat deck, i’m wondering if it’d possible to have some feature where mental math problems are dynamically generated for you through anki. maybe it’s a new deck every single time or each session creates a new subdeck under some parent deck so that you can track your progress over time?

The idea would be something akin 20-30 cards per session that involve arithmetic operations w scientific notation, estimation, logs etc.

Would anki be good for this or should i consider other tools?

Please let me know if there’s any clarification required!

Interesting idea!

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Thank you! I understand that i can do this for myself or just find online worksheets but having some means to do this through an Anki deck would be useful.

I know that the USMLE Lab Values deck (Sign In) does some dynamic calculations probably using Javascript or something. You could probably have cards that do X * Y with X values ranging from 1- whatever and Y ranging from 1 - whatever. Not sure how you’d get the back to also calculate X * Y and display the correct answer, but I imagine that Javascript could do this.