New Deck, New Notes!

The long-awaited note types are here!

We decided after discovering the old note type was broken, and there is still no official timeline for when updating note types would become available it was in the best interest of all our users to make a new deck with the proper note types and do away with the old deck.
We will be looking closely at the old deck to try and help all subscribers successfully transition to this deck.

  • Now that there are many new fields we will need your help to make sure all content ends up in the right field.
  • Please double-check your settings and protect your personal fields and tags!

A new development brought to our attention:

An issue that we did not have when test-running the Deck/Note update. I recently requested “Lecture Notes” and “Missed Questions” to default as protected fields when subscribing to the deck (so users don’t have to manually do so). Since then users transitioning to the new deck from the old may see Savarese duplicated into their “Lecture Notes” field. This has to do with the protection of “Lecture Notes” correlating with the old “Savarese/notes” field. LN are in fact empty on the new note (on AnkiHub). So this only affects old users transitioning. There are a couple of options to clear this up:

  1. Batch edit and remove everything in the lecture notes field
  2. Unprotect “Lecture Notes” on AnkiHub → “Reset local changes” on the “OMM for COMLEX” deck notes → re-protect “Lecture Notes” on AnkiHub
  • If you have personal content in the lecture note fields on some cards you could use this to your advantage by adding the “AnkiHub_protect::Lecture_Notes” tag to those cards and then follow step 2

Happy studying!

We hope this change aids in your success!


With this new deck, would it be similar to the Anking V11->v12 transition where everything was revamped but we didn’t lose progress with the reviews?


Correct! it will work exactly like that. The note type will Automatically Update for users. the steps below will help preserve personal information currently on the card (if you have any not protected by “AnkiHub_protect::_____” tag)

The process is EXTREMELY SIMPLE:
1) Unsubscribe from old deck
2) Subscribe to the new deck
3) *PROTECT fields where your personal content currently is (for example if you
currently are using B&B as a personal field protect that on the new deck)
4) Sync with AnkiHub in your Anki application
- This will automatically update all your cards for you to the new note-type.
(review history will be preserved)

  1. Move personal content to “Lecture Notes” field
    • Update protected field preferences on AnkiHub
    1. Done!
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Hey I noticed that none of the media is showing in any tab when I downloaded the deck, do you know what could be going on there?

Did you download/import the media from the link?

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