Update about the Note Type

First off, I know a lot of our users are currently ramping up their studies with board season in full swing. So, I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to help out with the deck. Each suggestion makes a huge difference!

I have just a quick update on where we are with the note-type situation. Unfortunately, there is no set/estimated timeframe for when we will be able to update the note-type. However, I know not having a field to place personal content can be frustrating. So, I’m sure most of you have selected a field of your choice and made that your “personal space”. I want to help make sure everyone is getting all the updates so I went through the deck and found that only 2 notes in the whole deck contained information in the “Boards & Beyond” field. I moved those two images to “Additional Resources” so now B&B is entirely empty across all cards (for both note types). Although not ideal this is the temporary fix and B&B will serve as our designated personal notes field.

There are a lot of materials in the wrong field (i.e. FA content in the Additional resources) so having a designated personal field will allow for moving content to correct fields without users losing content bc they have the receiving field protected.

PSA!!: Now a not-so-quick but very important update
ALL SHOULD follow at least step 7

  • I discovered a flaw in the current card template preventing the B&B field from even appearing during review (despite content being in the field or not)
  • Highly advised that All follow the steps below (at the very least step 7)

DON’T LIKE THE ORDER the fields present??
Want B&B (Personal Notes) in a specific order?

  • This can be done now, manually, and isn’t too difficult.
  • If you don’t know how but would like to change the order the fields appear. Like the AnKing card, you can pick and choose the order of the fields (for example I made it so my extra field is above Savarese instead of the default below)
  • Follow the steps below :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

click here for details

*As always make sure to sync & Backup your deck before starting this process:

  1. from the Deck menu, select “Tools” → “Manage Note Types (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+N)”

  2. Select note type “AnKingOverhaul OMM Edition (OMM / antibrotease)” →
    Select “Cards”

  3. Select “Back Template”

  4. Scroll down slowly till you see “<!-- BUTTON FIELDS -->

  5. Fields will appear in the order they are listed here (despite the order they are in the browser which must remain the same) Each field begins and ends with its name and is separated by a line-break.

  6. Cut and paste WHOLE section for the field in the order desired. (Ex. B&B below)

ALL USERS will want to follow at least this step!!
:arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

  1. NOTE THIS IS NOT CURRENTLY FOUND ON THE CARD. I do not know why but I discovered this item was missing. COPY & PASTE THE FOLLOWING String of INFO INTO THE BACK! in between the two fields you’d like your personal notes to appear under (i.e. between “Extra” and “Notes”)
{{#Boards and Beyond}}
<span id = "hint-bb" class="hintBtn" data-name="Boards and Beyond">
  <a href="#" class="hint" onclick="toggleHintBtn('hint-bb')"></a>
  <button id="button-bb" class="button-general" onclick="toggleHintBtn('hint-bb')">
    <img src="_b&b.icon.png"> B&B Personal Notes
  <div dir="auto" id="bnb" class="hints" style="display: none;">{{edit:Boards and Beyond}}</div>
{{/Boards and Beyond}}

8) Verify in the preview screen on the right that this field button is appearing.

  1. Save and Done

I know this might be confusing and definitely not convenient! but I tried my best to make it simple and hopefully, it makes sense! If any questions come up please feel free to reach out / Comment below!