[Wiki] OMM for COMLEX by Jwill

“OMM” is now “OMM for COMLEX”

Link to the original deck by Antibrotease (Wonwander): https://www.reddit.com/r/medicalschoolanki/comments/ghslfb/do_demeter_deck_an_ankinglevel_deck_for_omm/

Media folder (MEGA): 447.62 MB folder on MEGA
Decryption key: G3UILwJKeyod8El1Jy-bYg

–HUGE thank you to the original deck owner for all their hard work and time putting this together. Even bigger thanks for allowing me ( Jwill ) to take over and continue updating this deck.

—Here you will find a comprehensive deck made specifically for Osteopathic medical students. Designed to cover specifically the OMM material found on COMLEX exams.

–The hope for this deck is it be a clean resource that has no overlap with the AnKings deck specifically. So, if you have any suggestions please do submit ; updates, tags, new resources, and notes! Myself and the maintainers will look to update this deck more frequently than it has been in the past.

  • We will use Savarese OMT Review 4th edition as the “Gold standard”
  • Followed by Uworld/Amboss

So happy for all the updates you’re rolling out, thank you! I was not sure where to put this but could I make the suggestion of creating a “high yield” set of tags for the deck similar to the format in the anking deck?

I’d be happy to contribute to making them but it would be nice if there were some rules or something set in place so that it is done the right way before I go marking up the deck.