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Hello I downloaded the beta version of iOS AnkiMobile and wanted to know how I could change the card template to allow for the “User Action 1-8” buttons to be assigned to a custom keyboard shortcut.

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We’ve got our team working on it and we’ll update the note type

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Any updates or possible ETA?

They’re working on it so I’d hope sometime in the next couple weeks :slight_smile:

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Bump Any Updates?

Unfortunately not. One of our software devs that was going to work on this is in Turkey so they’ve been unavailable due to the earthquake

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Thank you for updating the note type! Is there a way to integrate the amboss underlining definitions/selection (next pop up etc.) into the shortcuts.

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I think AMBOSS has something built in for iOS but I can’t remember. Might be worth asking them. I’ll send this to them

I don’t think there is any way to set keybinds in Anki mobile with their software. That’s why I figured you can somehow add the keyboard shortcut into your program.

Any word back from AMBOSS? Is it not just a simple keyboard shortcut to implement in the add on?

It’s not possible but they’re going to consider a few ways to make it possible. I gave them some ideas

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Any Updates from AMBOSS on making this happen?

Nothing at all. Unfortunately I haven’t heard from AMBOSS at all lately