Password Protected decks

For the decks which I have made for lectures, my professors are concerned over who will be able to access these decks. Technically, these professors own their lecture content, and they want to protect it (my classmates and I have found that attaching screenshots of lecture slides are very effective in learning for tests). Using the AnkiHub subscription system would be nice to be able to micro-manage what content is shared and to update as slides change over time, but without a password protecting this deck, it is considered an academic integrity violation. The attached media could be left out, but even sharing cards which “use their wording” on these slides is illegal too unfortunately. I was hoping there was a way to protect the content on your platform (like a password we could change every year). That way, I could create a system in which to share, manage, and edit cards and attached media without causing trouble. I imagine many other schools could use this option as well.

You can create private decks and the only people that can access it are those that you add to the deck

Is it possible to remove subscribers? My school is a bit strict on who is allowed to access content, so I need to be able to assure them this is something I could manage

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Would love to see an option to see who is subscribed to the deck and be able to delete members. I know you guys were talking about adding members via username but I have not seen that happen yet?

At the moment yes, we can control who is there and not from the backend. I’m not sure if it’s possible from the front end but I’ve brought this to their attention to see if we can do this

At the moment you can add people as maintainers and remove them and this gives them access to the deck. You can’t share the deck link with anyone, they have to actually be added so this should work for what your school wants

In the meantime we can add/delete people on the backend if needed. We just need their usernames

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The only problem with that for now is that I may not know the usernames of people who subscribe and are not in the roster. I guess I could always send the roster, and if they are not on the list, then you can delete?

I think this is fixed now and you can add and delete people on your end now