No way to invite users to private deck

So, when I create a private deck, I tried to share the URL with my friends, but they receive access denied. Is the only way for them to subscribe is by making the deck public?

If so, would there be an option to invite others or have some password so they can join private decks?

As a creator/moderator you can add them by their username

Even if they are not maintainers?

Yeah there’s a place to add people to the private deck. We made it so you can’t just share the link to make it truly private

I cannot find this place to add people? I am looking around the deck menu.

You’re right. @andrew can we look into this?

Do you feel like it would be more beneficial to add passwords to a deck? That way the deck owner does not have to manually add everyone to the deck? Seems like sharing a password would be easier.

Would really be the same as sharing the link

However, when I shared the link to people it would say access denied. So even though it’s a private link, it would not let them subscribe to it. I would still have to manually add them. Unless the private link is supposed to let them subscribe.

I think I just repeated myself :grimacing:

It looks like we may have spaced out on adding this capability. :sweat_smile: We will look into it. In the mean time, if you have a list of users that you want to add to your private deck, you can send them to me in a PM and we can look into seeing if we can add them for you.

Side note: I think it would be good if we support these scenarios in addition to allow deck maintainers to invite subscribers:

  • Make private decks appear in the explore page
  • Allow visiting the URL for a private deck
    • if the user doesn’t have access, display an option to request access
    • allow the deck maintainers to approve or deny requests

This would have the caveat that the title, description, and owner of private decks wouldn’t be private.

@spartandrew18 , another temporary work around would be to temporarily make the deck public and share the link with users to allow them to subscribe. Then set it back to private.

That was the solution I used. Hopefully you guys can resolve this issue!

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Haha that was literally what I was going to ask for next. Sounds like a great idea. Though I don’t agree with allowing the private decks to appear in the explore page. I still think it should be sent out via a private link. If it was public, it may attract unwanted subscribers.

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