Poll for the next Ankithesia project(s)

VOTE for the next Ankithesia project(s) click to vote β†’ poll link

Pick up to 2 options below:

  • Tag University of Kentucky Videos (online video lectures with slides)
  • Tag another textbook like Faust (geared towards board review)
  • Tag a podcast (Super High Yield Anesthesia or ACCRAC)
  • Tag OpenAnesthesia Keywords (geared towards boards)
  • Focus on removing duplicates
  • Make the deck comprehensive tag BIG MILLER
  • Make optional tag group on what’s covered in Medschool (AnKing)
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If you would like to help with the project please pm me anking.jacob

@alviod @pas002 @shl68 @jtautkus @MKOD1923 @Bobby_N @mpg001 @Alkhadhrawi @riyadhatrah @nih002

Are y’all willing to help tag the UKY videos?

Are you willing to help with the UKY videos?

I’m a current PGY-1 at UKY! I would love to help however I can!

PMd you

I don’t know what that means.

I can help tag for ACCRAC. @anking.jacob

That would be great I will send you a personal message to join.

Send me a DM, I might be able to try and help.