Preview current version of note quickly

It would be cool to have a feature where we could:

(1) See/be notified if an AnKing note differs from our personal version, and (2) quickly and easily preview what the updated version of the AnKing note looks like so that we can easily edit our personal note, or manually override the protected field for one update.

For example, let’s say I protect the Extra field of one note so that I can add an image, but it has since been updated to include new pertinent information. I would want to know that I am potentially missing something valuable. I imagine some sort of small flag/marker to notify me of a difference between my note and the most recent AnkiHub version. Then, I’d want to be able to easily preview those differences and have simple options to change my personal note

This is a cool idea. Definitely something I’d love to see incorporated. We’ll keep it on our list!

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