Removing View Note on AnkiHub overlay

Recently after an update to the note types, the View Note on AnkiHub has become an overlay button looking thing on AnkiDroid instead of just being at the bottom of the rest of the buttons like First Aid, Sketchy, etc.

Is there a way to get rid of this button or at least get it back to the bottom? I remember asking for an option to toggle off this button when AnkiHub was first announced on Reddit, but since then I haven’t noticed any option like there is to turn off other fields from showing up in the settings.

Update your AnkiHub addon, restart and sync again. That was accidentally released before it was ready

Hello, I am facing the same issue. I followed your recommendations but still the overlay button is present in AnkiDroid. How can we solve that?
Thanks in advance!

@FrozenCherry its a button? or just the text “View Note on AnkiHub”?

It’s a button, exactly as on the image shared by Rappa. Is there a way to hide that?

Hello @Nick any updates regarding the option of hiding that button in AnkiDroid? thanks in advance for the help…

@jakub.f might be able to give an estimated timeline

How do we remove the View Note on Ankihub button on Ankidroid? It’s very frustrating to look at

We’re working on improving it so that it’s not annoying