"restored card type to default" --> deleted all the extra fields

Quick note that impacts things: My anki account is not connected to Anki Web, because I don’t prefer the constant syncing because I use the decks as a starting point and make the cards my own.

Hello! I am an Anking Overhaul Deck user and earlier today I was editing a card that only let you toggle 1 thing at a time and I “restored card type to default” thinking I was only going to effect that particular card type. I was trying to get rid of the toggling 1 thing at a time so when I clicked, all the clozes would appear. But, I created a much bigger problem for myself.

The big problem is that apparently, I restored every single cloze card (not just the cloze cards with multiple toggles…which is what I was editing under) to default and deleted the extra fields except for “text” and “extra”, such as where the Sketchy photos were.

I unfortunately did not export a backup of my deck before making this change, since I had no idea this would change every card like this. Does anyone have any tips for restoring the previous version of my cards? Or, is there anything I can download that will restore the extra fields of my cards without changing how I’ve edited the “extra” sections of the cards?

Thank you!

I believe you can restore from a backup? I don’t think you need a ankiweb account to do so since I believe anki keeps local copies of backups

You can see how to do so here

This is great news, thanks! It worked! I was unaware that anki automatically backed up. What a relief :slight_smile:

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