Searching for Keywords in Rationale

I sometimes need to find a past suggestion & can only remember wording from the rationale. The search features I know of are for state, nid or author via the suggestions search bar

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Currently have to jump back to Anki, search for the card, copy the nid, and come back to AnkiHub

edit: Just realized I could click on ‘View Note History’ from Anki after finding the card lol

Yea, there’s the ability to search for it directly from AnkiHub as well. The options are for state (as in, open, accepted or rejected), nid or the suggestion’s author. The notation for each is included in the placeholder text on the app as seen in the screenshot.

The thing is I sometimes can’t remember any of those three aspects to search for, but only something from the rationale. It’s not the case for me often but when it is, it’d be a really helpful feature to have. Nothing urgent though. Just wanted to post on this when there’s a chance for it to be developed

Would it be able for me to search for text from a rationale?

I’ve asked one of our software developers and, so far, that isn’t a feature. Do you find that you’d need a feature like that? It’d be helpful to gauge how prevalent the need for this is among other maintainers

Occasionally, I wouldn’t say I’ve had much of a need for it