Suggesting new notes

Does anyone know if there’s a more efficient way to suggest new notes besides pressing the button in the new card menu. If not, is there a way to make the checkbox defaulted to being a maintainer, and to not requiring a rationale? I just want to be able to update my online deck faster. I’m adding cards to it constantly and its shared with many friends who also add cards constantly. Thanks

At the moment no but we’re open to suggestions on how to improve this!

I would love to see this! My main use case for this addon is to have live decks that me and my classmates use to all collectively add notes too after lectures. This would make this process exponentially easier. Thanks!

I also encountered this problem. I ended up adding my cards like this:

After I finished adding cards for the day, I opened Card Browser and selected Added Today on the left. Then I selected all the cards I wanted to add into the deck (usually all) and I pressed Bulk Suggest.

Therefore I had to make only one rationale and check only one box for maitainer.

At the current conditions, I find this the most effective, however something better (as AnKing metioned) should be made. Maybe some kind of checkbox in Add window? → If the checkbox is ticked, the cards will be automatically uploaded into the deck.


I often will add cards in bulk by adding the cards first to anki then searching my deck I maintain that do not have ankihub IDs (-ankihub_id:_* deck:XYZ) I bulk suggest these and it solves my issues of doing one at a time.