Making new cards to an already existing ankihub deck

i boguht ankihub in order to share a deck between my classmates. i just added a new subdeck and sync’d it but they arent showing up on ankihub. i tried setting the deck up as a “set home deck” and tagged accordingly but nothing is showing up. do i need to constantly reupload the anking deck for it to work?

Did you suggest all of those as new notes?

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i uploaded the collaborative deck.
if i make cards for my own deck, i have to then suggest them as new notes? none of those 37 i just typed up are showing up on ankihub for the collaborative deck.

Yeah you have to suggest them as new notes (you can check the box that you’re a maintainer so they’ll automatically be added)

Sorry, I’m new to this. Is there a way to do that for a mass amount of cards? And how do I even do that?

I’m on vacation and on my phone but the other AnkiHub guys may be able to get you better links. On the official documentation is a tutorial video and a bunch of other videos. There’s one on bulk edits.

You basically select them all, right click and then “bulk suggest”

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