Anki decks not synching to decks on ankihub

I cannot sync my Anki cards to my deck on anki hub. I am subscribed to the deck. When I uploaded the deck to anki hub it had one card in it. Now I have made 100 cards and no matter how many times I try to sync it, it still has 1 card. It says there’s no new update for anki hub. Please help

Can you select all your new cards and then press suggest new card, then accept them, then sync, they will be available after that.

I am trying to get my cards from the Anki app to Ankiweb. I cannot suggest new card because it is my personal deck. My cards will not sync to my deck on AnkiHub. I can only see my cards on the Anki app.

I am having trouble syncing to MY deck. My new cards will not go to MY personal deck on AnkiHub

Im not sure Im understanding correctly.

So you made new cards and want them to appear on your AnkiHub deck but they are not showing up.

Can you confirm that here you pressed “suggest new card” (it says suggest a change if its available on ankihub, if it hasn’t been suggested before, it will say suggest a new card"

If you cannot press suggest new card, have you uploaded your deck to ankihub? You can only sync your cards with ankihub if you have made a new collaborative deck first

Then you have to suggest each one individually if you made new ones, then go and accept them, then when you sync they will be available.

Im sorry if I am not getting your question, if this isn’t what you are looking for, can you provide thorough explanations and images so I can understand better? Thank you

If you look at these pictures I have 107 cards in my AnkiHub desk and 109 in my Anki deck.
I cannot get them to sync. Anytime I add a new card to my ANKI deck it does not add to ANKIHUB… they are supposed to be synced

There is no suggest new card but that shouldn’t matter I am just trying to get my ANKI and ANKIHUB accounts to sync!!

You are saying you add a new card to your Anki deck, but you in order for it to sync, you need to suggest that new card you have added. Otherwise it will not sync.

If you have 109 in your Anki deck and 107 in your ankihub deck. THat means there are two cards that you have not suggested to ankihub. It does not know that you have added a new card to your deck therefore you must suggest that new card, then accept it on ankihub, then it will sync whenever you make changes.

From what I am understanding, you can see the 107 cards syncing, but there are two cards that are not syncing?

So sorry if I am not understanding, my apologies

I see no place on how to suggest card .

Can you check to see if you are signed into the AnkiHub addon on your Anki app?

@TheAnKing do you know what might be causing this?

If this card is not suggested and is new, there should be a suggest new card button for the user

I am logged in
Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 12.20.33 PM

Also if you look for the previous screenshot, I cannot even view the card on AnkiHub when it has been uploaded on there… The only way I can get my cards is if I delete my subscribed deck from AnkiHub then create a new collaborative deck including the cards I just added. I do not want to have to delete and recreate it each time I add new cards

There also is NOT a note type for me that includes AnkiHub… I think that would help sync them because it says that I use a Note type not recognized by Ankihub.

This is what happens when I try to bulk suggest