My decks do not upload new cards to ankhub (anymore, it worked perfectly in the past)

I make cards on two decks and they used to sync to my friend every time we synced our anki just fine. now for about 2 weeks all new cards ive made which added correctly to my mac based anki deck dont get uploaded to ankihub and she cant download them. did i install an update that broke it or what could have happened?
the decks should have way more notes than shown (about 500 notes (2000 cards) for embryology)

its the correct deck i’m adding cards to, i have internet connection, i tired loggin in and out from ankihub and manually syncing:


Thank you!!


Have you suggested and accepted these new cards to AnkiHub using this button?

Hi, thanks for your response. I have not, but since I’m the deck creator I didn’t think it was necessary to click that every time I make a new card. I thought in the past it just automatically added new cards I made in the deck to the ankihub and sent them to subscribers like my friend…

You will have to suggest them every time you make new cards and accept them using “accept as maintainer”.

You can select all of them and right-click bulk suggest, you don’t have to do it individually.

For example, If i just made 100 new cards. You can filter by created today, Cmd + A, right click, bulk suggest + accept without review. Then when your friend syncs, they will get those new cards!

Oh, I didn’t know that. So there’s not way to just keep the deck that synch to ankiweb as it is to ankihub? That’s definitely a bit less convenient than I thought. What if I click cmd +A and bulk suggest everything (all cards I made in the deck incl. ones that were already part of the deck). Will that create duplicates? Bcs if yes I’d have to check every time what the last card was that I made correct?

If a card is already on AnkiHub, you will not be able to suggest it as a new card therefore you should not run into the issue of suggesting duplicates.

If you try suggesting a card that is already on AnkiHub, you will instead see “suggest a change” and not “Suggest a new note”

You can however bulk suggest everything and it should work fine.

You can also filter by time created so the cards you created today for example that were not suggested you can select rather than cards that were already uploaded to your deck a week ago

CleanShot 2023-12-15 at 01.59.42@2x

Thank you. It worked for one of my decks. Somehow I’m still having issues with the other one though… I made sure that I only select cards from this deck but still get this message:

There must be one card that is either in another deck, or was made with the other note type. Make sure the note types are the same. For example

If one deck is ( Histology / ploirodon) and the other deck is (Pathology / ploirodon). Make sure the note types for the histology deck you are suggesting are all the histology note type.

You can change the note type by going to a card → right click → notes → change note type

Let me know if that works, if not you can try multiple chunks of suggesting until you can see which one causes the error

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That’s exactly what happened. Thank you so much

sorry, there’s actually one more issue I came across. :grimacing: All cards are now syncing to my friend perfectly but in one deck a lot of cards are completely missing the extra which I added for basically every card. Did I somehow exclude that field for some cards?

Check if you protected your extra field.

Go to your deck on AnkiHub → manage protected data → check to see if the extra section has a tick next to it

Thank you Ahmed, now everything works perfectly!

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