Ankihub not syncing correctly

Hello! I tried looking for threads with a similar problem, but the solutions in those haven’t solved the problem for me. Whenever I sync with Ankihub, I get “No Updates Available” even when I’m sure there should be changes. I deleted a card and then synced to see if it would reappear but it did not. I have tried unprotecting fields, redownloading Anki, redownloading Ankihub addon, and using a different profile. Any help would be appreciated.

Please try resetting your local changes. To do this:

Go to browse in your Anki → at the top click on ankihub addon tab → press reset all local changes

This will restore everything to what AnkiHub has unless you have specifically protected those fields

Great solution Ahmed7, however the syncing is still not working for me.

Here are some screenshots:
Screenshot 2023-10-25 133814
Screenshot 2023-10-25 133916

I tried the solution you provided twice, but it did not work. I still get “no updates available” message. After I tried syncing a couple of times - I had to abort syncing process and terminate the program by Task Manager.

At the same time of trying to sync, I had my browser opened to exploring my AnkiHub deck, but I saw no updates. I do have ‘auto sync’ with AnkiWeb enabled, and I tried it deactivated.

Help would be appreciated or an update to resolve this potential issue.

What I am looking for in AnkiHub: Build a comprehensive deck to share with others. A deck of which I can easily sync updates as I add new cards and information daily. I was hoping that as I study for the California Bar Exam, I can share my decks as I build them.

So far, it seems for now, I need to delete my AnkiHub deck and re-upload it because syncing is not working. Also, I would recommend AnkiHub delineate itself from AnkiWeb - I am not sure if these two services are impacting each other on the backend?

I am just looking to build a deck and sync it daily and publicly to help others. As I build my deck and learn - the next person can use it and/or build upon it.

I appreciate any clarification or resolve.


I am confused on what you are asking, can you elaborate?

Are you trying to add a card to ankihub? did you suggest it using “suggest new note”?

If you make a new card, you will need to use the same note type, the one with the brackets. Then, you will see a button that says “suggest new note”. Click that then click submit as a maintainer and it will automaticlaly be accepted.

You do not need to reupload your deck everytime.

You will see it here, but instead of suggest a change, you will see suggest new note.

Also, make sure you use the note type that has brackets when making your cards, otherwise, you will not see the suggest new note button

Yours will look like Bar Exam (Bar / undisclosed_professional_student) something like that

I hope that answers your question, apologies if I missed what you were looking for, but what you are requesting is exactly what AnkiHub provides so no worries, you do not need to reupload your deck everytime

Thank you for the swift response!

No, nothing about “suggest note.”

I’ve added several cards and tried to sync, but it still says “no updates available.” I’ve also added the card types that you suggested.

Screenshot 2023-10-25 145328redact

I have 5 cards in my deck, 2 cards were uploaded earlier, and the remaining cards were made with the card type you suggested. Only the original 2 cards are showing on AnkiHub website. The 3 cards I made to sync are not showing up on AnkiHub website.

AnkiHub is not syncing the cards, but I see them in the browser screen.

Again, nothing to do with “suggest note.”

I hope I clarified the situation. I appreciate your swift responses.

You have to use the “Suggest new note” option to upload the new notes as @Ahmed7 said. New notes are not uploaded automatically as the case with AnkiWeb.

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Thank you both for your support and help!

@abdo.nh “Suggest new note” did work and I saw the deck update on AnkiHub website. I also saw the option to suggest notes in bulk.

Is it possible to sync the an empty AnkiHub deck without using “suggest new note” feature?

I decided to delete the cards in the deck (to start over). Now my local Anki shows an empty deck and I want to sync this empty deck on AnkiHub without “suggest new note” because there are no notes to suggest. - - - - is this possible?

I feel syncing can be simplified and separated from “suggestions.” It would be nice to just push a “sync” button and AnkiHub deck automatically updates without having to “suggest” cards - - - for creators or maintainers.

Thank you.

You cannot delete cards from AnkiHub once you have suggested and accepted them onto AnkiHub as of now. We plan to have this feature added in the future however.

Currently, there is no way to sync a decks cards without having to suggest new notes. However, thank you for the suggestion, we will take this into consideration!

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