Can't submit suggestions without review as a maintainer

I am a maintainer of a deck and I receive this error when checking the submit without review.


When I try to bulk suggest new cards they fail to submit as well? Not sure why?
I changed the cards from the DO Demeter deck to my personal deck and want to upload those cards to my ankihub deck.

To see if I understand correctly:

  • you moved cards from an AnkiHub deck that you were subscribed to (not as a maintainer) into a different deck (of which you are the maintainer)
  • you are trying to add those cards to your deck

AnkiHub allows you to move notes into a different deck after subscribing. Those notes will continue to β€œbelong,” to the original AnkiHub deck, even if you move them. So it is trying to submit those suggestions to the deck they originally belonged to. If you want to do this, I believe you will need to create copies of those notes first and then submit suggestions. At that point, they will get new Anki/AnkiHub IDs.

However, keep in mind that if you do this, your subscribers may end up with duplicate notes if they are also subscribed to the deck from which you copied these notes from.

I am doing the same thing now, creating a copy of a card from another AnkiHub deck and then trying to add it to my deck using bulk suggest and the suggestions do not work, with the same error as listed by the OP.

How are you copying the note?