🛠️ Maintaining a Deck

Maintain a Deck

A deck maintainer is allowed to accept or reject changes that are sent in via subscribers. They are also allowed to accept their own suggestions.

Maintaining a deck can be done through two methods

As a Deck Creator

You will be able to maintain a deck (e.g. accept/reject suggestions) when you are the creator of a deck

As a Deck Maintainer

You will be able to maintain a deck (e.g. accept/reject suggestions) if you are added as a maintainer to that deck

:hourglass_flowing_sand: The Queue

The queue is where all suggestions submitted to the deck that are not yet accepted or rejected can be seen

:white_check_mark: Accepting a Suggestion

By accepting a suggestion, this will update all subscribers’ cards upon their next sync

To accept a suggestion:

  1. Navigate to merge changes
  2. Click on Merge

CleanShot 2023-12-16 at 01.02.12

:x: Rejecting a Suggestion

By rejecting a suggestion, this will remove the suggestion from the queue.

To reject a suggestion

  1. Navigate to discard suggestion
  2. Give a reason (or not) to why this change was rejected
  3. Click on discard

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Note: The same rationale can be applied to accepting/rejecting new note suggestions

Accepting/Rejecting An Entire Page of Suggestions

To accept many suggestions on a page

  1. Click on Select all from this page
  2. Click on Bulk Discard or Bulk Merge

Accepting/Rejecting A Specific Number of Suggestions

To specifically accept/reject a select number of suggestions:

  1. Click on the box next to “edit this suggestion” on the suggestion(s) you want to accept
  2. Click on Bulk Discard or Bulk Accept

accepting:rejecting specific

Editing A Suggestion

As a maintainer or deck creator, you have increased permissions to be able to edit other users’ suggestions.

To do this, click on “edit suggestion” on a suggestion you want to edit

You will be able to edit every field, including the rationale for the change and type of change. Note: Any change you make to a suggestion not your own will result in a “co-author” update to the note. This will allow other users to see who has made changes to the card

Tag Changes

You can also change/add/remove tags at the bottom of the edit suggestion page

Checking History

There are various different methods to check the history of previous things on AnkiHub

Checking History of the Queue

To check what suggestions have been previously accepted/rejected:

  1. Click on Community suggestions on the deck you would like to view the history of
  2. Navigate to “Show Closed”

Checking History of A Specific Card

To check the history of a specific card, you can:

  1. Find the card in the queue that you want to check the history of
  2. Click the world icon

  1. You will now see any “open” suggestions specific to that card that has not been accepted/rejected
  2. To see the history, click on “Show Closed”

Another faster way is:

  1. Find the card in Anki using the browser
  2. Click on “View Note History”

Here is a video explaining how to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyEs9b8WkrA&ab_channel=AnkiHub

Show Source

The show source button allows you to see the HTML behind the text being displayed. This allows you to have further control of the formatting of the card which AnkiHub otherwise may not directly display

Hide Source

Show Source

Communication & Collaboration

Each suggestion has a discussion section. This allows creators, subscribers, or maintainers to discuss and tag each other. The essence of AnkiHub is collaboration so make sure to use this feature extensively!

Open on Community

Once a comment has been published on a specific suggestion, this will reveal the “open on community” button. Users can continue their discussion seamlessly on AnkiHub, or decide to visit the community to have more control over their comments in terms of commenting/interacting

Referencing Other Cards

As a maintainer, you will at times need to reference other cards whether it be for rationales or comments. There are two ways to go about this:

Note IDs

Every card has its own unique “Note ID”.

To find a card’s note ID.

  1. Select the card you want to get the note ID for
  2. Right click
  3. Click on AnkiHub: Copy Anki Note ID to clipboard

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Select the card you want to get the note ID for
  2. Click on info
  3. Copy the note ID

Searching a Note ID

To find the card that the Note ID is referencing.

  1. Go to browse on Anki
  2. Click on the search bar
  3. Type “nid:XXXXXX” where X is the value of the note id

Example: nid:1461865844254

AnkiHub IDs

AnkiHub IDs are similar to note IDs and essentially serve the same purpose.

To get a AnkiHub ID, follow the steps above but select AnkiHub: Copy AnkiHub Note ID to clipboard

CleanShot 2024-02-09 at 00.40.13

AnkiHub sidebar tree and AnkiHub-specific search parameters

There is a AnkiHub sidebar tree in the Anki browser (similar to the sidebar trees for Tags and Decks) that includes categories you can select to e.g. show all AnkiHub notes in your collection or all notes that were updated by AnkiHub today.

Under the hood the sidebar tree uses AnkiHub-specific search parameters, similar to Ankis special search parameters like added:1(which searches for all notes that were added one day ago) or tag:some_tag (which searches for all notes that have the some_tag tag). You can see these search parameters when clicking on the different categories in the AnkiHub sidebar tree. They can be combined with other search parameters.


Searching Users

If you would like to find a certain user’s suggestions (accepted or rejected), or you would like to see your own. Just search your name in the browser with this format “author:AnKingMed”

Deleting Notes

Note deletion allows cards to be deleted permanently from AnkiHub

:question: What will happen to cards that are deleted?

The cards deleted will stay in your collection locally. Upon updating AnkiHub, you will get to choose whether you want to keep these notes in your collection or delete them. All cards WITH review history will NOT be deleted regardless of the option selected.

:question: How do I change the option to delete/keep the cards?

You can alter this option by going to the AnkiHub addon tab in Anki → deck management → pick the deck you are interested in → find “remove notes without review history locally when deleted on AnkiHub.”

CleanShot 2024-02-22 at 13.59.03

How do I delete a card?

To delete a card, simply find the card you want to delete → suggest a change → delete note

Then accept the change, this will delete the card permanently off of AnkiHub

:question: Where can I find deleted cards?

To find the deleted cards going forward, input this string in your Anki browser: “tag:AnkiHub_Deleted”.

Or navigate to the “Deleted Notes” section on the left-hand side of the browser under “AnkiHub”

You can then choose to delete them or keep them as you wish.

:question: How can I find the card that was kept?

You can click “View Note History” to see what was the replacement of the card that was deleted.