Delete Cards as Deck Maintainer

  1. The notion documentation that is linked is no longer valid. I don’t believe this shows up in the documentation but this needs to be made more accessible. Maybe add a link to documentation on ankihub itself?

  2. How can you delete cards/notes within ankihub?

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Bumped, also wondering how to delete cards/notes within AnkiHub as maintainer/creator…

Can you specify where is the Notion document not accessible?
Are you referring to these two?

Second question: You cannot delete notes/cards on AnkiHub as of right now, but are implementing this in the future!

@Ahmed7 any updates on this ? there is now an “AnkiHub_Deleted” tag and i am wondering how to add that for a deck that i maintain. Suggesting it as a change from within anki gives an error on sync.

The feature has still not been rolled out yet. We will update you when we do. The AnkiHub_Deleted is just for cards from the AnKing deck that have been deleted from the server side manually by our developers

Is there an update on deleting cards as a maintainer?

Not yet but the feature will be rolled out soon hopefully

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