⭐️ NEW Note Deletion Feature!

:star: New Note Deletion Feature!

Hi everyone! :wave:

We just wanted to quickly announce the release of the new note deletion feature.

:question: What is the note deletion feature?

This feature allows cards to be deleted permanently from AnkiHub.

:question: Why does this matter?

The maintainer team, alongside your help, has been tagging duplicate cards with the following tags [#AK_Step1_v12::!DELETE(Duplicate) and #AK_Step2_v12::!DELETE(Duplicate)] over the last year.

Now, these cards that are tagged as duplicates will be permanently removed from AnkiHub over the coming weeks.

:question:What will happen to my cards?

Note: The cards deleted will stay in your collection locally. Upon updating AnkiHub, you will get to choose whether you want to keep these notes in your collection or delete them. All cards WITH review history will NOT be deleted regardless of the option selected.

:question:How do I change the option to delete/keep the cards?

You can alter this option by going to the AnkiHub addon tab in Anki → deck management → AnKing Deck → find “remove notes without review history locally when deleted on AnkiHub.”

CleanShot 2024-02-22 at 13.59.03

:question: Where can I find deleted cards?

To find the deleted cards going forward, input this string in your Anki browser: “tag:AnkiHub_Deleted”.

Or navigate to the “Deleted Notes” section on the left-hand side of the browser under “AnkiHub”

You can then choose to delete them or keep them as you wish.

:question: How can I find the card that was kept?

You can click “View Note History” to see what was the replacement of the card that was deleted.

If you have any questions, please comment under this post on the community.

Have a wonderful day 🫶🏼

The AnKing Step Deck Maintainers :heart:


Sorry if you made it clear and i didnt understood but when i marked new option “remove notes without review history locally when deleted on AnkiHub.” all my cards near 46k went to the deleted notes, is this suppose to be like this ?


There appears to a bug with this option.

Try finding “AnkiHub_Deleted” or search this in the browser to find the deleted cards



Couldnt find any tag with AnkiHub_Deleted tag and is it safe for my cards to be in deleted tag?

All your cards are not actually in the deleted tag, its just a bug. Its the same thing for me, it shows all my cards when I click on Deleted notes.

Try looking for this tag here

CleanShot 2024-02-23 at 09.31.36

Make sure you have synced with Ankihub

Nope there is no ankihub_deleted tag for me and yes i am synced with ankihub i just have this deleted notes subdeck
and yes il just wait until bug will be resolved i was just worried that something would happen with my cards cause it was in deleted notes but thank you il just wait

@levani1999 @Ahmed7 A new version of the add-on which fixes the Deleted Notes category was just released!

Incase any one is wondering how to delete a card


Should i add addon manualy or it is automatically?

Just update the addon again and you will receive the update

Go to tools → addons → AnkiHub → on the right click get updates

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yes it definitely was fixed thank you so much