💓 February 2024 Updates

:heartbeat: February 2024 Update from AnkiHub :heartbeat:

Hello, AnkiHub friends! We hope you all had a wonderful February.

The update for last month will be short and sweet this time. Here’s what we’ve been up to and what’s coming next!

:bell: What we’ve been up to

:robot: AnkiHub AI

We are finally starting to work on a prototype of what we hope will make a huge impact on how you use Anki. We are starting small with a prototype that works just for the AnKing deck at the moment. The first version of this simple prototype is available only to a private group of AnkiHub beta testers. If you’d like to gain early access to our AI experiments and other features, please request to join the beta tester group on the community here: Beta testers - AnkiHub Community.

AnkiHub deck creators and maintainers will automatically be given access. This will go live early this week!

After this round of beta testing, we will share more details. Stay tuned!

Beta testers can see this feature on the AnKing Deck page.

:x: Deleting notes

At long last, you can delete notes from AnkiHub decks! What does this mean?

  • There is now an option for deleting notes when submitting a suggestion.
  • Users have to opt-in to notes being deleted. Cards with review history will not be deleted regardless of the option selected. We will never delete your notes without your permission! :smiley:

:question:How do I change the option to delete/keep the cards?

You can alter this option by going to the AnkiHub add-on tab in Anki → deck management → AnKing Deck → find “remove notes without review history locally when deleted on AnkiHub.”

CleanShot 2024-02-22 at 13.59.03

:question: Where can I find deleted cards?

To find the deleted cards going forward, input this string in your Anki browser: tag:AnkiHub\_Deleted. Or navigate to the “Deleted Notes” section on the left-hand side of the browser under “AnkiHub”

You can then choose to delete them or keep them as you wish.

:question: How can I find the card that was kept?

You can click “View Note History” to see what was the replacement of the card that was deleted.

Please see the post about how this relates specifically to the AnKing deck: ⭐️ NEW Note Deletion Feature!

That’s all for now. Happy March! :herb: