🎉 January 2024 Updates

:star2: January Update from AnkiHub! :star2:

Hey there, AnkiHub friends! Here’s our monthly update on what we’ve been up to in January.

January has been a month of reflection on what we accomplished last year, what we can do better, and a focus on internal process improvements so that we can work more effectively as a team. We also have been focusing on experimentation and discussion related to the future of AnkiHub.

:mag: Improvements

  • Optional Tag Improvements We’ve made some improvements to the Optional Tags screen to clarify how they are meant to be used and to make it easier for new users to understand this awesome feature! :label:
  • Duplicate Note ID Fix: We’ve removed duplicate Anki notes and put measures in place to prevent future mix-ups. No more confusion! :no_entry_sign::black_joker:
  • Notifications for Deck Maintainers No more unnecessary alerts for self-approved suggestions. We’re keeping your notification feed clean! :bell::heavy_multiplication_x:
  • Easier on the Eyes: We’ve tweaked the link colors in dark mode, making them more readable and accessible! :first_quarter_moon::eyes:

:broom: Chores:

  • Streamlined Media: We’re preventing unnecessary image downloads to keep deck syncing running smoothly for you and our servers. Say hello to faster media syncing times! :rocket::clapper:
  • Local Add-On Boost: We’ve optimized our local add-on database to make it easier for our team to collaborate on improving the add-on. :computer::wrench:
  • Anki Review Stats Refinement: To make sure our future leaderboard feature is accurate, we made some tweaks to the review stats that we are collecting. Get ready to climb the ranks (coming soon)! :bar_chart::crown:

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Deck Subscription Bug: Deck maintainers can now subscribe to their decks without a hitch! :hammer_and_wrench::black_joker:
  • MacOS Link Fix: Links in user add-on dialogs on MacOS are fully functional now. Click away! :green_apple::link:
  • Community Updates: Fixed the glitch stopping community status updates from deck maintainers from reaching subscribers. Stay in the loop! :globe_with_meridians::loudspeaker:

:next_track_button: Other Updates and What’s Next

  • Collaboration with Online MedEd: Exciting partnership alert! We’re tagging over 25k notes in the Anking deck with Online MedEd content. Knowledge boost incoming! :handshake::books:
  • Deletion Functionality: Soon, you’ll be able to delete notes from AnkiHub decks. Keeping things tidy! :wastebasket::memo:
  • AI-Powered AnkiHub: We’re on the brink of releasing AI-driven features, including semantic similarity search in the Anking deck. AI magic will soon be at your fingertips! :brain::sparkles:
  • A New AnkiHub Member: @TheAnKing is now a proud dad to a baby boy! Sending warm welcomes and diapers! Congrats to Nick and his family! :baby::tada:
  • Welcome Aboard, @abdo.nh!: Our new add-on developer is here to make AnkiHub even better. Let’s give @abdo.nh a warm welcome! :wave::technologist:

Thanks for being a part of our journey. Here’s to an even more awesome February! :rocket::confetti_ball:


Is there a rough timeline for the future leaderboard feature release? That’s super exciting especially since the old leaderboard add-on never starts new seasons and doesn’t let you make weekly competitions from friends only. Told a bunch of my buddies and we’re all looking forward! Thanks!

What we’re planning is a bit different than that. It’ll show who’s made the most contributions and such to decks. But I think we may be able to include other stats…. What type of stuff would you like to see?

Ohhhh I see. I guess I misunderstood. I thought it was going to be something similar to the leaderboard add-on. This version has public leagues that factor in time studied, retention, and cards reviewed for an overall score which allows you to compete with friends. The problem is this one never gets updated and it would be so cool to have a weekly invite-only competition with friends for the highest score rather than public leagues. I think what you guys do for studying efficiency is incredible but one need that I think hasn’t been tapped into yet which many med students would adore would be a way to truly gamify reviews and make them more fun. That being said, I know y’all have limited time to spend on these things. Thanks for responding!


You understood correctly but we don’t have a timeline for this yet, unfortunately.

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