🌷 March-May 2024 Updates

:tulip: March-May 2024 Updates

Hi everyone! We hope you’ve all been studying hard! We have many new releases to announce, as well as some scheduled maintenance coming up. We are also hard at work on exciting new features, improvements, and collaborations to prepare for the new school year. Stay tuned to hear more about that in the near future.

House Keeping :broom:

:rotating_light: Scheduled Downtime for Maintenance :rotating_light:

We’ve scheduled essential behind-the-scenes maintenance to keep AnkiHub running smoothly :sparkles: Intermittent downtime is expected during these times:

:clock3: Maintenance Window: 2024-06-03T11:00:00Z2024-06-03T14:00:00Z

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding!

Help us decide what to work on!

You matter! Your voice matters! Help us prioritize fixes and features by creating new topics and/or voting on existing topics. Use these links to sort feature requests and bug reports base on the most active topics with the most votes!

New Features :star2:

  • Brand new “Getting Started” deck: We’ve created the Getting Started with Anki Deck, a way to learn how to use Anki, using Anki itself! What do you think of this new deck? Tell us your thoughts below! :pray:

  • Get faster support: Our help center provides a direct line to our support team and important documentation :raised_hand:

  • Let us be your tour guide: Our guided onboarding tour and checklist make it easier to get all the tools you need to start studying :books:

Introducing our new AI features! :robot:

We’ve been working behind the scenes to harness AI to power your studying! We’ve released the following features so far to a small group of beta testers only, but stay tuned because exciting updates are on the horizon! :sunrise::sparkles:

If you’d like to gain early access to our AI experiments and other new features, please request to join the beta tester group on the community here: Beta testers - AnkiHub Community.

  • Search using web pages, videos, and images: From YouTube videos to PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats, our AI devours them all! :fork_and_knife:
  • Unsuspend cards in the AI search tool: Find relevant cards and add them to your deck! No note IDs required :nerd_face:

:link: Demo Video Link

Bug Fixes :beetle:

  • Faster deck import: We’ve made importing decks almost twice as fast and removed Anki startup delays! :zap:
  • Smooth sign-in, deck installation, and updates: Our network, deck installation, and deck update errors have been resolved. Smooth sailing ahead! :sailboat:

Improvements :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Streamlined Explore page: We’ve added new ways to search for decks and cleaned up the deck tile design. :art:

  • Enabled subdecks: Subdecks are now automatically enabled during deck installation. (You can still manually disable them in Deck Management.) Fewer pop-ups, more zen. :person_in_lotus_position:

  • Auto-remove unused tags and empty cards: We’ve decluttered the deck installation process and reduced unnecessary clicks. :broom:

  • Recommended settings: Recommended settings are now available when installing AnkiHub decks. Optimized studying is now only a click away! :raised_hands:

We want to hear from you… :ear:

What’s your favorite new release? :sparkles:

  • Unsuspending cards in the AI search tool
  • Smart Search using web pages, videos, and images
  • Less clicks and pop-ups during deck installation/sync
  • The new onboarding and support center
  • The “Getting Started with Anki” deck!
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Thanks for being a part of the AnkiHub community! :earth_asia:

:hugs: Your friends at AnkiHub


i added a few feature requests but did not get any replies regarding sketchy path images