September 2023 Status Updates

:star2: New Features and UX Improvements :star2:

Hey everyone! We’ve been busy bees :honeybee: and have some exciting updates for you:

Improvements to AnkiHub Discussions and Notifications

  • Dive right into the discussion! :speaking_head: Ankihub discussions related to note suggestions are now tightly integrated with the community forum!
  • We’ve jazzed up the look and feel of the discussion section in the web app to match the Ankihub vibe. :art:
  • Users will now receive notifications when their suggestions are accepted or rejected! :bell:

Other improvements

  • :unlock: All users, whether you’re a member or not, can now manage protected data.
  • For the AnKing Step Deck fans, the images have been optimized making syncs swift and reducing storage demands. :rocket:.
  • Usernames are now harmonized between Ankihub and our community forum. :sparkles:
  • Got a lot of suggestions? No worries! :package: You can now submit up to a whopping 2,000 instead of 500 at once on AnkiHub. We’re making bulk suggestions a breeze! :open_mouth:

:wrench: Bug Fixes :wrench:

We’ve also been hunting down bugs :ant: and giving them the boot:

  • The mislabeled media files bug is fixed.
  • Pagination is improved. :open_book:
  • A membership bug affecting our lifetime plan users is fixed.
  • Pagination on the community embedded suggestions is fixed.
  • Errors related to forum discussion topics, add-on database migrations and media syncs are fixed.
  • A bug caused by note types used in multiple decks was fixed.
  • The misbehaving View suggestion on AnkiHub link was fixed. :link:

In other news… :newspaper_roll:

  • @shmuelsash has done an amazing job getting the AnkiHub ambassador program off the ground and it has so far been very successful!
  • @abdo.nh has joined the AnkiHub team and is doing an amazing job helping out our users on the community forum and with smashing bugs!

:next_track_button: What’s next?

We are currently working with AnkiHub’s new product team (:wave: hi @carolcani , @MarynaMoraes , @ali.brae :smile: )to decide how to finish out 2023 strong. Have ideas? Share them over in :pleading_face: Feature Request! As you know, AI is all the hype right now and we are working hard on researching and envisioning how we can use it to improve your lives as students! Stay tuned for more details to come!

A big shoutout to our amazing team for making this magic happen! @carolcani @MarynaMoraes @augusto.diebold @jakub.f @pedroven @heitor @abdo.nh :heart_eyes:

Cheers to all the improvements! :tada: Keep rocking and enjoy AnkiHub. And as always, we’re all ears for your feedback. Keep it coming! :raised_hands::balloon:

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