August 2023 Status Update

:rocket: Exciting AnkiHub Updates Await You!

Hello, awesome AnkiHub community! We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news and developments that are geared towards enhancing your Anki experience. Let’s dive in:

:smile: Welcoming New Faces and Programs

We’re excited to introduce @carolcani, our new Product Manager! Cani brings fresh perspectives and expertise to our team, driving us forward on our mission to empower your learning journey. We originally launched AnkiHub with only a backend team and zero designers! :exploding_head: Brace yourself for amazing things to come now that we have a both @MarynaMoraes (our designer) and @carolcani leading the way! :star2:

Another highlight is the launch of our beta Ambassador program, spearheaded by the amazing @shmuelsash. This program aims to support students in hosting introductory Anki workshops, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among med students. :tada:

:heart_eyes: Discover New Features and Courses

Next week, get ready to explore the first version of our Discourse Integration! This launch will elevate how you discuss Note suggestions, making the interaction smoother and more engaging. :speaking_head:

Plus, we’ve just rolled out the “Getting Started with the AnKing Step Deck” course, designed to turbocharge your learning and help you achieve your goals. :books:

:bug: Bug Fixes and Under-the-Hood Magic

While you might not see these changes directly, our team has been hard at work optimizing the AnkiHub experience. We’ve fine-tuned image downloads, upgraded our server capacity, and compressed notes data for lightning-fast syncing. We’ve also resolved several bugs and glitches, making your Anki journey smoother than ever. :sparkles:

:next_track_button: What’s on the Horizon

Exciting times lie ahead! Collaborating with our new Product Team, we’re planning the next major project to elevate your learning adventure. Over the coming weeks, we’ll focus on refining the Discourse integration, ironing out bugs, and migrating The AnKing Wiki for easier access and updates. And don’t miss our upcoming GPT-powered assistant, ready to assist with all your Anki queries! :globe_with_meridians:

Stay curious, stay excited, and keep learning with AnkiHub. Here’s to your success! :rocket: