❄️ December 2023 Updates!

Hello everyone! It’s that time of the month again! Here is what the AnkiHub team has been up to during the most wonderful time of the year. :point_down:

:bell: Deck creators can publish updates to their subscribers!

We’re excited to announce our latest integration with community.ankihub.net!

When you visit a deck on AnkiHub you will now see an Updates section next to the Deck Wiki. This section will contain updates that have been published to the community by either the deck creator or maintainers. When a maintainer publishes a new update, all the deck subscribers will receive a notification on the community and an email if they haven’t logged into the community recently. :sparkles:

Relatedly, community groups for all decks have been created! This will allow subscribers to reach out directly to the whole maintainer team in private messages. Similarly, deck maintainers can coordinate directly through the community to streamline the collaboration workflow. More on this soon!

User Interface Enhancements :art:

  • Our login dialog now stays on top of other windows, ensuring a smoother login experience.
  • Sleeker Add-on Dialogs: We’ve removed unnecessary cancel buttons for a cleaner look. :nail_care:
  • Deck Settings Redesign: Navigating deck settings is now a breeze with our user-friendly redesign. :wind_face::wrench:

Media :film_strip:

  • We fixed a bug with gifs. From now on, your cute little animations should play just fine. However, any old GIFs uploaded before this fix might still have the issue. Our team is currently brainstorming on a solution for this.
  • File suffixes are now case-insensitive to prevent mix-ups with silly file names! :raised_hands:

Deck Management :card_file_box:

  • Local AnkiHub Config: We’ve updated our syncing logic to ensure your AnkiHub add-on configuration never becomes outdated. For example, the AnkiHub add-on will know if you become a maintainer for a deck and can change its behavior accordingly. :arrows_counterclockwise:
  • Verified Emails Only: Now, only users with verified emails can create decks, keeping quality high and spam low. :e-mail::heavy_check_mark:

Security and Accessibility :closed_lock_with_key:

  • One Email, One Account: Fixed a bug to prevent multiple accounts under a single email. :shield:
  • Private Deck Invites: We’ve squashed a bug to ensure invitations to private decks are always sent. :love_letter::lady_beetle:

User Suggestions and Contributions :bulb:

  • Suggestion Simplification: Now, only deck maintainers will be given the option to submit suggestions without review. :white_check_mark:
  • Small but significant tweaks to improve the workflow for making suggestions to optional tag groups. :hammer_and_wrench:
  • We added an alert to warn users that media uploads in suggestions aren’t supported on the web app. :rotating_light:

Bug Squashing :bug:

  • Tag Troubles Tackled: Fixed issues with unsubscribing/resubscribing to tag groups and displaying removed tags on the suggestion review screen. :label:
  • HTML Tag Recognition: AnkiHub now recognizes more HTML tags, like <center>. :globe_with_meridians:
  • Wrongly reject suggestions Fixed a bug causing some suggestions to be wrongly rejected after a page refresh. :arrows_counterclockwise::lady_beetle:

Community and Knowledge Sharing :globe_with_meridians:

  • Welcome, Brazilian Users! Over 100 new users joined from Brazil to use the amazing (private) Erreanki deck! A big shoutout to @ankiclass ! :brazil::wave:. Find out more at ankiclass on instagram.
  • Knowledge Base Kickoff: Our knowledge base will now be part of the community, offering easier access to valuable info and customer support. Expect this to go live soon! Huge thanks to @Ahmed7! :books:
  • Deck Description Migration: All deck descriptions have been moved to a dedicated wiki topic. :memo:

That’s all for now! We’re constantly working to make AnkiHub better for you. Keep the feedback coming, and happy studying! :rainbow::books:

Happy holidays,
The AnkiHub Team


Great updates as always!

Can you elaborate further on what this feature does? is it related to deck settings within anki (e.g. intervals) ?

Thanks for your question - I updated the post to clarify! It doesn’t have anything to do with deck settings, etc. Just a hidden configuration file that the add-on uses. Sorry for the confusion!

Congratulations to the entire AnkiHub team for ending 2023 in a majestic manner :crown:

I’ve just informed the ErreAnki subscribers about this latest update, and I honestly find it incredible. I was using three different systems to notify subscribers about the deck updates :disappointed_relieved::

  1. Telegram channel
  2. Instagram close friends
  3. Emailing for major updates

Additionally, I was using Notion to host the ErreAnki wiki.

With these updates, we can literally consolidate all these processes into a single location :sunglasses:. This will greatly increase productivity and make the user experience much more seamless.

Now, we are transitioning the entire ErreAnki Wiki, along with its more than 30 tutorials, to this native format. The outcome has been rewarding :chart_with_upwards_trend:.

:crown: Thank you to everyone at AnkiHub for increasingly integrating Anki into the communities, just as it truly should be!

In appreciation of all the support from the community and followers who are becoming more and more engaged in promoting the use of Anki :star:, I believe that soon we can release a completely free deck for everyone, on a very important and functional topic :eyes:

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So cool! That was the hope!