🍂 November 2023 Updates

In addition to making some compatibility adjustments for the Anki 23.10 version we’ve made the following improvements:

AnkiHub Add-On

  • Smoother Deck Installation :black_joker::sparkles:: Installing your Anki decks is now a breeze! We’ve minimized the number of steps, making it quicker and easier to get started.
  • Optional Tags - More Control and Clarity :label::mag::
    • Tag Deletions for Everyone: If you’re subscribed to an optional tag group and someone deletes a tag, it will now be applied for all subscribers. Clean and efficient!
    • Suggest Full Tag Removals: Found a note cluttered with unnecessary tags? You can now propose to remove all optional tags from it.
    • Clearer Tag Changes on the Website: See how tags are updated more easily! Added tags are highlighted in green, and removed ones in red.
    • No More Empty Suggestions: Creating tag suggestions without any actual changes? That’s a thing of the past. You can’t create optional tag suggestions without changes anymore!
See below for more details about other fixes to the add-on 👇
  1. AnkiHub Button Behavior :no_entry_sign::computer_mouse:: Fixed an issue where AnkiHub buttons were active in the Anki editor when they shouldn’t be. Now, they’ll only show up when you need them!
  2. Media Sync Issue Resolved :arrows_counterclockwise::camera_flash:: Switching between Anki profiles? Your media will now sync seamlessly without any hiccups.
  3. Windows Add-on Update Error Fixed :desktop_computer::hammer_and_wrench:: Encountering a permission error during add-on updates on Windows? We’ve squashed that bug for you.
  4. Deck Creation Workflow on MacOS :green_apple::black_joker:: Mac users, rejoice! The deck creation dialog workflow is now fully functional on recent versions of Anki.
  5. Duplicate Deck Name Error Solved :name_badge::white_check_mark:: Trying to create a deck with a name that already exists? We’ve fixed the error that popped up, making the process smoother.
  6. Dialog Height Limitation :straight_ruler::left_speech_bubble:: We’ve set a limit to the height of the dialog shown after installing decks, for a neater and more organized look.
  7. Cancel Button Added in Deck Chooser :arrows_counterclockwise::x:: During the suggestion flow, you’ll now find a handy cancel button in the deck chooser dialog, making it easier to backtrack if needed.

AnkiHub web app

  • We are continuing to work on the improvements to the integration with the community mentioned in last month’s update (🎃 October 2023 Status Updates).
  • Fine-tuned the way we handle tag suggestions and fixed a pesky bug that affected suggestions with underlined text.
  • Introduced checks to prevent some headaches related to usenames on the community :baggage_claim:.
  • Improved the email confirmation journey to provide a smoother, friendlier user experience :email:.

In other news, we’re delighted to say an affiliate program will soon be available to deck creators and AnkiHub Ambassadors! Aside from that, we are gearing up to bring you more exciting features in 2024!

We wouldn’t have been able to implement these updates without the tireless efforts of our amazing team. Huge thanks to @jakub.f, @MarynaMoraes, @augusto.diebold, @claudiom, @ali.brae, @pedroven, and @heitor! :clap: :clap: :clap:


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