🌎 Creating a Deck

:earth_americas: Creating a Deck

  • Select AnkiHub -> Create Collaborative Deck from the Anki add-on menu.
  • Choose the deck you’d like to create a collaborative version of.
  • Agree to the terms of service.
  • Choose whether you’d like your deck to be private.
  • Agree that you are OK with AnkiHub modifying your note types (required).


Subdecks and Subdeck tags

Note: Currently there is no easy way to add subdeck support to an existing AnkiHub deck. At the moment it is only supported for new decks you create. We are working on making it possible to use this feature with all decks.

Notes within an AnkiHub deck are not organized into subdecks on the website, but each note can have a subdeck tag, that indicates which subdeck it belongs to. The add-on can use this tag to put the note into this subdeck. Subdeck tags look like this: AnkiHub_Subdeck::MyDeck::Subdeck.

When creating a collaborative deck from a deck that has subdecks, the add-on will ask you if you want to add subdeck tags to your notes.

These subdecks tags will make it possible for subscribers to have the same subdecks as you have. The Subscribed Decks menu (main Anki window → AnkiHub → Subscribed Decks) now has the option to Enable/Disable subdecks for a deck.

When you enable the option, the subdeck tags will be used to create missing subdecks and to move the notes to the deck indicated in their subdeck tag. Notes without a subdeck tag will end up in the main deck.

New notes synced from AnkiHub will be added to the deck indicated in their subdeck tag when subdecks are enabled for a deck.

Subdeck tags are synced to AnkiHub and can be changed using suggestions.

:heavy_plus_sign: Add Deck Maintainers

After creating a deck, you may want to invite other users to help you maintain the deck by reviewing suggestions and helping decide whether to accept or reject them. To do this:

  • Go to Sign In.
  • Select your deck.
  • Click the ... option menu.
  • Click Manage Maintainers.

:lock: Private Decks

You have the option to make your deck private when you create it. This means that only you and the maintainers you add will be able to see the deck. If you make your deck private, users will not be able to discover it by searching for decks on AnkiHub.

:memo: Manage Subscribers

To add or remove subscribers to your deck:

  • Navigate to the deck you’d like to invite people to by going to my decks
  • On the top right of the page, click on the ... options button.
  • Click the Invite People button.
  • Type in the username of the AnkiHub user that you would like to invite.
  • Click Send to invite the user to subscribe to your deck.
    • Each user you invite will receive an email with the option to accept the invitation.
  • Alternatively, click the red :x: to remove the user.


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