TOS for content of private decks

If you create a private deck (and share it privately), does Anki still have the rights to it?

This can and should be clarified in our TOS (Terms of Service - AnkiHub Community).

Some thoughts:

  • We do not encrypt decks, even for private decks, so the contents are readable by AnkiHub staff. This could change in the future.
  • Private decks are only visible to users who aren’t explicitly given access by the deck owner.
    • Access cannot be revoked since the users will download the deck to their computer. Only future updates can be revoked.
  • We shouldn’t generate derivative materials based on private decks
    • We shouldn’t use private deck contents as inputs to AI features that will be used outside of the private deck.
  • We basically need to modify the the Sharing Decks section of our TOS to clarify which points do not apply to private decks.

:question: What is important to you as a private deck creator regarding TOS?