Policy of Ankihub regarding our own decks on ankihub

Dear Nick,
I happen to read ankihub policy on media.And you had mentioned that you dont plan on updating or adding media to the first aid section of the anking overhaul deck. I wanted to know if third party media is allowed on ankihub like if i make my own deck and share it with my friends with media of other websites in it like First Aid, Uworld etc on ankihub, would that be allowed by you?
I will be the only moderator of that deck. Can i do that ?
I am making my own cards with my own media and wanted to share it with my friends as i am making those cards. Ankihub seems to be very handy for me so can i do that?
Thanks in advance

My understanding is that for public decks, each deck owner will be responsible for ensuring they have rights to share all media shared within the deck, or that all the media included is public domain. Someone may be able to chime in later with a more nuanced response.

But we are only students here who wish to help our fellow classmates. Like I for example want to share Uworld content which is as you know is not public domain, with my friends only so cant that happen on ankihub?
When i first joined ankihub i thought that was the plan all along

This is the case for public decks, if you make a private password protected deck, then I think it might be okay. @Nick can weigh in more on this

@Ahmed cool thats okay by me. Ill password protect the deck so that it is only accessible to my friends and me. Will you still go by contents of the deck?

Please see the “Intellectual Property Violations,” and " Acceptable Content," sections here: the AnkiHub Terms and Conditions.

It’s illegal to share copyrighted material without permission. AnkiHub is obligated to comply with takedown requests from anyone who claims copyright infringement does not facilitate the sharing of copyrighted resources. When you create a deck you agree not to upload and share copyrighted material unless you have permission to do so.

That said, you may consider if the fair use doctrine is applicable in your use case:

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what if i keep the media to myself and give them some other way like ankihub was working previously will that be acceptable? Sorry but dont have the time to read all of the terms and conditions.