Why are FA 2023 pictures not allowed by the deck moderators?

Like FA 18 and the previous version pictures are allowed but not the latest versions? Will it be allowed in the near future?

We don’t have any copyright permissions for FA so we never plan to officially support this. The links shared by others on Reddit and other locations that include those images are not from our team and are not supported by us.

This is our official statement:

We are committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. To that end, the media packs include only those images that we have licensed or that we reasonably believe are in the public domain. In this regard, the media packs include Sketchy, Physeo, and Pixorize images. Images found in the Text, Extra, First Aid and Additional Resources fields of past decks may or may not be covered by third-party copyrights. The deck may include html that references images found in earlier versions of the deck with undetermined rights to use and as such may not include a useable image. We are actively working to replace everything in the deck with better images that we have permissions to share. While other images are available in social media (e.g., Reddit posts and comments or other public forums), we are not connected with and do not maintain or otherwise affiliate with these other sources.