Anking update to FA2023

Hi, i wanted to ask if there’s currently a plan to update ankingv12 to include new stuff added from FA2023? How can one contribute to updating the deck since image suggestions are not available rn on ankihub. I would like to help as much as I can in the proccess upgrading from FA2022 to 2023 if there are no current volunteers working on that.

We aren’t planning on touching the first aid images for now because we don’t have any permissions

If not FA 2023 then can we upload 2022 images?
Because there are FA 18 already in the deck, so if there was a copyright issue wouldnt it be applicable on FA 18 or 19 whatever the current version is in the cards, as well?

We don’t share any of the FA images at all so this is not something we ever plan to officially support